FAQ of Facelift Surgery in Puerto Vallarta

How long does the facelift procedure take?

Facelift surgery in Puerto Vallarta generally requires 2 to 4 hours to complete, though more extensive procedures may be lengthier and may require multiple sessions.

Are facelift results long-lasting?

While the immediate effects of a face lift last for many years, the aging process continues. As with all forms of plastic surgery, the results of face lift surgery are different for each and every patient. While some patients may have one face lift during the course of their life, other patients may have a second face lift performed seven to fifteen years later.

Are there age restrictions for facelift surgery?

There is no age limit for patients who have their sights set on facelift in Puerto Vallarta. Most patients who seek a facelift have substantial loose skin of the face and/or neck and are ideal facelift candidates.

What type of anesthesia is used during facelift surgery?

Local anesthesia combined with sedation is commonly used during facelift Puerto Vallarta surgery, though general anesthesia can be employed if recommended by your surgeon.

Are there scars after a facelift?

The scars from facelift surgery generally fade and are scarcely visible. In some patients, especially, endoscopic surgery can be used to lift the eyebrows, remove frown lines, elevate the cheek and jowls, and tighten the neck using virtually invisible scars.

Is a Facelift surgery painful?

Though most patients undergoing facelift surgery in Puerto Vallarta experience mild discomfort, pain medication is used to help control any discomfort that you do experience.

Will I need to take time off of work after a facelift?

Patients will need to take time off of work after their facelift and can typically return within two weeks.

When can I exercise after a facelift?

Strenuous activities and exercise after facelift surgery in Puerto Vallarta should be avoided for the first two weeks.

When are the stitches removed after a facelift?

Stitches are typically removed about five days after facelift surgery, unless tissue-glue facelift was performed without stitches.

Are facelift procedures ever covered by insurance?

Facelifts are commonly reflected a cosmetic procedure and not covered by insurance.

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